2020, Bernie gets elected and make international pressure for #lulalivre

2021, after one year, Bernie start funding Urban guerrillas in Curitiba, we successfully get #lulalivre, with #lulalivre, he proceeds to prove that Deltan and Moro are two thugs who convicted him so bolsonaro could win.

Deltan and Moro can’t sleep at night.

2022 election time, bolsonaro vs #Lulalivre. Lula wins with a 70% rate. Bolsonazi flee to Argentina, but Alberto Fernandez send Bolsonazi to jail. PEACE REIGNS IN MERCOSUL.

2023, The year of our lady Discórdia, the global fascist movement led by Trump, bolsonaro, macri, Boris Johnson, etc. #LulaLivre and Bernie Sanders go to a Brazilian boteco to drink a good cachaça and watch Timão win the libertadores championship.

Tite raise the cup, and the players of the team all stand behind him clapping. The narrator in television says “and now the Brazilian anthem”, while the Internationale starts playing, and the red and black flag are raised.

Bernie chuckles, #lulalivre touches his back tenderly and says “é isso aí, companheiro”. The world is at peace and all workers have #tempo

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